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Remedies and Pain Management for Premenstrual Syndrome

Bloating, headaches, mood swings, fatigue, and cramps — these are only some of the signs and symptoms of premenstrual syndrome or PMS. PMS is a set of hormonal changes that occurs seven to 14 days before the ladies’ actual “period”. The symptoms of PMS usually disappear once the actual menstruation starts. Nowadays, PMS is recognized as a medical condition with physical and psychological symptoms. Medical studies show that about 95 percent of women suffer from over 150 symptoms associated with PMS. The causes of this condition is […]

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Home Remedies For Premenstrual Syndrome

Here are several home remedies for premenstrual sickness: Diet plays a very important role either in aggravating or subsiding PMS problems. Eat complex carbohydrates such as whole grain breads, pasta and cereals, fiber and protein. Cut down on your sugar and fat intake. Start avoiding salt for the last few days before your period start as it would reduce bloating and fluid retention. Avoid caffeine in any form as it makes you less irritable and also eases breast soreness. Alcohol is no savior in such times as […]

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Herbal Remedies for PMS

In addition to the dietary changes advocated in the previous chapter and the minerals and vitamins highlighted as recommended supplements, there are several herbal remedies and solutions that you can take which many women find helpful for alleviating the more severe symptoms of PMS. As most women have a fairly good idea of when they can expect to suffer the first “twinges” of PMS, they drink camomile tea two or three times every day for a week or two weeks before the anticipated onset of their PMS […]

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